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Organic vineyards made with organic farming, underperforming and handpicked




Airén & Sauvignon Blanc


Tempranillo No Sulphur Added


Barrica Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah


Bodegas Val d'Eco

N owadays, it is one of the Castilla's wineries, founded in 1954, with ecological vineyards of Spain, some of them belong to Gelmer Wines, Finca El Plano Grande.

They are maintained organically, underperforming and handpicked. The winery is equipped with the most modern resources in order to generate organic and vegan wines of high quality.

O ur Val d’Eco wines are 100% organic and vegan, they are within Protected Geographical Indication I.G.P. Vino de la Tierra de Castilla, being entirely produced in that geographical zone.

The indigenous varieties are: White Airén and Red Tempranillo grapes. Gradually, other varieties of grapes have been introduced, as Sauvignon blanc for producing fresh and crispy white wines, and Cabernet sauvignon and Syrah for creating full bodied and very expressive red wines.

The Vineyard

T he vines grow on stony grounds with a limestone-clay composition, to 725-780 m above sea level, under the influence of a continental Mediterranean climate, with warm summers, cold winters and a low rainfall.

These unique conditions cause our vineyards not to have excess production and yields sustained over time with the fruits of exceptional quality and healthy. Our vineyards have gained their reputation to produce exuberant fresh tasteful and characteric wines.

The winery has an experienced oenology department, wich has worked in several Spanish wineries and has, as well, long experience in foreign countries and its has unique characteristics.

From it, at all times, it is controlled the ripening of the grapes, performing field inspections to ensure that the best of each smallholding is obtained.

Val d'Eco wines from organic farming are regulated according to the European regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and 889/2008 and, at the same time, certified by SOHISCERT and BIOSIEGEL.


Standard Quality

Every year we select the best grapes of each variety to be bottled in our Val d’Eco wine.