VAL D'ECO Airén & Sauvignon Blanc

Organic & Vegan Wine

Floral Youth

Grape Variety

Sauvignon Blanc


Low yielding vineyards of altitude 725-780 m. The terroir is a beautiful reddish earth of the sediments with a stony-limestone. Manual harvest and selection of grapes in the field. Grapes chosen for their health and ripeness from our best vineyards express the great personality of our wine.

Tasting notes

Clear and pure with a pale yellow brightness. A characterful white wine: fresh, elegant, young, fruity and balsamic, yet at the same time modern and ample.


It goes well with all kinds of sautéed or steamed vegetables, fish, shellfish, white meat, pasta, rice and soft cold cuts.

Serving temperature

8 - 10ºC
75 cl - 12,5% Vol.